Buying a company

Here at La Salle we pride ourselves in firstly being able to offer you a wide range of well priced companies for sale backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of negotiators that understand the need to deliver comprehensive detailed information, thus enabling you to fully evaluate your potential investment opportunity.


Whilst ultimately representing our instructing client, we respect the fact that those seeking to invest in new opportunities are themselves, successful entrepreneurs and have achieved such status only by making many shrewd investments over a period of time.

Our aim is to work with you, to assist in developing your investment portfolio. We listen intently to your requirements and seek to fulfil your objectives swiftly and efficiently.

If we currently do not have for sale the investment opportunity that you are seeking we are more than happy to go into the market place and source suitable opportunities for your consideration.

+ Valuing your company

+ Preparation for sale

+ Marketing

+ Brokering a deal

As you consider the sale of your company, one of the most important issues you will need to consider is what types of deal structures are likely to be best for you. All-cash deals are relatively rare and, in fact, if you are willing to stay with the company for a predetermined time frame, you may actually maximise the return on the sale of your business by not opting for all-cash. Every deal structure is unique to the seller and their individual goals and financial needs, so it is particularly important to approach the sale of your company with some flexibility.

Business sales, mergers and acquisitions are rarely structured all in cash. Tax and other considerations of the structure of the transaction can have an important effect on the overall value of the transaction to the principals. Each type of structure carries with it different tax consequences for the buyer and seller. Since tax law is constantly changing, it is important to seek suitable advice in determining the best way to structure the purchase or sale. This is for a number of reasons including tax, financing, buyer preference and maximisation of value. Deals can be structured in many ways with some of the more common examples below;

    - Cash
    - Deferred Payments
    - Retentions
    - Performance Related Payments
    - Earn Outs
    - Elevator Deals
    - Shares
    - Mergers

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