United Kingdom

The UK has the 5th largest national economy in the world, and the 2nd largest inward foreign direct investment. It is one of the worlds most globalised economies based on connectivity, integration and interdependence.

With strong local presence and connections, and a proven track record over 40 years of experience, La Salle are expertly placed to provide the ultimate in service and assistance to fulfil your goal. Whether you are buying or selling a company, looking into financing, deleveraging, expansion, acquisitions or franchising, we are there to help.

With offices in London, Edinburgh and Manchester, and representatives all across the country we are your local partner and ready to assist.


  London City Point | 1 Ropemaker Street
  London | EC2Y 9HT
  T: 0203 841 9944
  E: london@lasallecorporate.com


  10 Lochside Place | Edinburgh Park | Edinburgh
  EH12 9RG
  T: 0131 515 1010
  E: edinburgh@lasallecorporate.com


  53 Fountain Street | Manchester | M2 2AN
  T: 0161 975 1521
  F: 0161 975 1523
  E: manchester@lasallecorporate.com