We’ve been selling companies for 40 years

Time and experience has taught us most of our clients have two major expectations. Firstly, discretion and confidentiality and secondly they seek the best possible price being their just reward for the hard work, dedication, commitment and most importantly financial investment made over many years.

Running your own company is indeed a long and winding road, not to mention often with a bumpy ride along the way but eventually there comes a time, whether forced or voluntary to call it a day.


There are many reasons that companies are sold. Whilst retirement is a natural factor other reasons are often in the best interests of the company. It may well be that the company needs a cash injection to aid progression or it may need a change of management to enhance further development.

Whatever your reason La Salle can make the difference.  The name La Salle is synonymous with honesty, integrity, professionalism, trust and transparency, attributes essential to any company working with you or for you.

Whether you are buying or selling a company, you can be assured that here at La Salle our principles never waver and our team of highly skilled professionals are committed to providing you with the ultimate in service and assistance to fulfil your ultimate goal.

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